Software errors just happen.

RevDeBug solution for monitoring and debugging distributed systems at any scale and platform (on-premise, cloud, microservices, serverless) that provides actionable insights for the whole development process.

  • Automatic topology - RevDeBug offers out-of-the-box topology mapping for your apps, services, and systems as well as APM insights with a simple 15-minute setup.
  • Distributed transactions tracing - We offer automatic transaction tracing between microservices, serverless functions, services, and monolith systems. 
  • Instant root cause identification (reverse debugging) - Unique error monitoring connecting tracing, APM insights, and stack traces using our patented code execution recording technology.
  • Alerts and notifications - Customized alerts and error notifications. Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Secure, GDPR compliant, and easily configurable - RevDeBug is deployed in your environment. Fully transparent and with customizable user-roles nad data-masking. Internal API for adjusting to your needs and performance optimization..
  • Multiple languages & environments - NET 4.6+, .NET Core 2.0+, JAVA 8+, Python 3.8. On-premise or in any cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP, private, Docker, Kubernetes).

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