Software errors just happen.

RevDeBug provides a self-hosted observability platform that helps software teams monitor, discover, triage, and prioritize errors in real-time. It takes out the pain of debugging for applications both on-premise or in the cloud.


  • Increased Systems Availability and Time to Market - RevDeBug cuts root cause analysis time by half. Increase your team performance, reduce resolution time from days to minutes. 
  • Monitor Dashboard - Monitor the health and performance of your applications and APIs. Get the latest insights and stats into bugs, actions and releases in a single view. 
  • Full Lifecycle Debugging - Debug in QA, Staging and Production. Less than 3% impact on performance.
  • RevDeBug Recording and Reverse Debugging - Record logs from debugging sessions locally and remotely, including live (production) environments. Rapidly find root cause problems and increase the availability of your systems.
  • System Tracing & Microservices - Rapidly gather the timing data your team needs to troubleshoot problems in your microservices architecture.

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