True DevOps Observability Platform

Want full visibility across all on-premise, cloud, and containerized or remote client devices environments? Get the True-Observability platform.


RevDebug - Free Developer Version


  • Monitor Dashboard - Monitor the health and performance of your cloud applications and APIs. Integrates monitoring into your DevOps IDE to provide quick feedback loops.
  • RevDeBug IDE Local Recording and Reverse Debugging - Monitor your application locally for errors and issues. Record debugging session and rapidly find root cause problems.
  • Transparent Structured Logging (Early Access Program) - Find and interrogate logs easily to troubleshooting production problems with ease. 


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RevDeBug - Enterprise Version


  • Enterprise Support - Our team of experts is on hand to support you and your deployment of RevDeBug. 
  • Remote Live & Crash RecordingRecord logs from debugging sessions locally and remotely, including live (production) environments.
  • Executive Monitor Dashboard - Get the latest insights and stats into bugs, actions and releases in a single view. 
  • DevOps Monitor Dashboard - Keep  your admins and developers up to date with your applications' mission critical key performance metrics.
  • System Tracing & Microservices - Rapidly gather the timing data your team needs to to troubleshoot problems in your microservices architecture.

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