How to start with Azure Serverless Functions and automatically set up end-to-end distributed tracing (using RevDeBug)

Would you like to build complex scalable serverless solutions but have troubles with comprehensive monitoring of your services? Azure Functions with RevDebug solutions will help you track the entire flow of your separated code execution.

Join us for a live webinar where together with Microsoft we will discuss how to start using serverless functions on Azure and set up end-to-end tracing for them.

In one hour you will learn:

  • What are Azure Serverless Functions?
  • How to start using Azure Serverless Functions?
  • How to set up end-to-end tracing for Azure Serverless Functions?
  • How to troubleshoot Azure Serverless Functions?







Radosław Osiński, Microsoft, Cloud Solution Architect ISV - "I am working with multiple Microsoft partners who are developing their own products using Microsoft Azure. In most of my engagements, I am helping to build an architecture based on Azure services. The main focus of my activities is to cover the right level of scalability, availability, security, and reduce the cost of infrastructure."